about us

Deep Holes Group is a business with 50 years’ experience in the machining industry and over 20 years of specialist experience in the deep hole drilling sector. It took on its current corporate structure in 2000. In just a short time has become one of the leading Italian companies specialising in the DEEP HOLE DRILLING of plates, dies, matrixes, welding and bonding equipment, rollers, shock absorbers, and all types of shaft, among other things.

Thanks to its significant know-how, Deep Holes Group has achieved and maintained an important presence in the market. We are known and valued for our precision and flexibility in responding to customer requirements, fast delivery, and an optimal quality/price ratio. We are highly competitive on a national and international level.

This office manages foreign customer relationships and the billing of international orders, while keeping production activities at its factory in Modena.

The factory (1700 m2 assigned to production and 300 m2 to testing and offices) houses modern and state-of-the-art machinery for perforations and special machining works

The current machine fleet comprises 15 drilling machines



KRHEO GRAPHIC DESIGN is the second branch of the Deep Holes Group. An agency specialising in advertising graphics, corporate image (logo and brand design, letterhead, business cards). Bu also corporate communications (flyers, leaflets and brochures), web design, displays and fittings for venues and exhibition stands, and everything connected to corporate communications.

KRHEO DESIGN stands out from the large number of graphics and advertising agencies due to its continuous research into materials, media and technologies, offering its clients innovative and original solutions, and capable of giving a unique character to the product representing a business to its customers.

This pursuit of solutions with a strong character has led Krheodesign into the development of original and effective packaging solutions for foodstuffs and other products. Packaging is an industry which can combine both technology and expressive communication, and is an important tool available to all companies (packaged goods producers) to establish and reinforce their brand with a recognisable style: effective packaging not only says something about its contents, but also who produced them.

The challenge from a creative and design point of view is balancing originality with costs. For more information: www.krheodesign.it