Q: Do you also drill on copper and titanium?
A: yes, we drill any kind of material of any form.

Q: do you make drilling on plastic material?
A: yes, we do (tecapet, nylon, etc.)

Q: I need very tight tolerances, can you respect them?
A: yes, we can.

Q: can you drill up to what diameter and length?
A: we can drill up to diameter 250 mm and length 8000 mm.

Q: do you drill for third parties? Is it possible to order parts even in full supply?
A: yes, we do. We can also supply material.

Q: can you also perform the finishing according to drawing in addition to drilling?
A: yes, we can.

Q: can you provide assistance in design phase?
A: yes, we provide assistance for feasibility, explanations and advices.

Q: do you have minimum quantities per order or is it also possible to work a single piece?
A: we can also work a single piece.

Q: do you supply processing for the aeronautical sector?
A: yes, we do. We provide machining also for the nuclear, Formula 1, medical sector etc.

Q: do you provide quality certificates?
A: yes, we provide quality certificates on request.

Q: do you have the possibility to check the pieces before shipping?
A: yes, we do. We have a latest generation 3D measuring machine Altera with ceramic gantry.

Q: Is your company certified?
A: yes, it is. We are certified according to the 9001:2015 standard and we are working towards gaining the 9100 certification for Aeronautics and Defence.

Q: what are your average delivery times?
A: our delivery time are 12/24 hours up to 30 days. Delivery times depend on lots and the type of work to be performed.