DEEP HOLES specializes in DEEP HOLE DRILLING of plates, dies, matrixes, welding and bonding equipment, rollers, shock absorbers, shafts of any type, and so on.

Thanks to the use of special equipment, we can drill any type of material, including Titanium, Maragin steel, Inconel, Monel, Copper, Astelloy, stainless steel and all other types of heavily alloyed steel.

The fact that we can drill such a wide range of materials has made it possible for us to work for sectors such as Grand Prix Auto Racing, Shipbuilding, Aeronautics, Hydraulics, Medical Equipment, Petroleum Refinery, and so on.

In the DEEP HOLES plant, two different drilling systems are used: with straight flute drills, we can drill holes from a minimum of 2 mm. to a maximum of 30 mm. in diameter, for a length up to 4000 mm.

With the BTA system we can drill holes from a minimum of 16 mm. to a maximum of 200 mm. in diameter, for a depth of 4000 mm. (on shafts with external diameter lower than 75 mm. we can reach a drilling length of 5000 mm.).

Our professionalism, commitment, and flexibility enable us to offer short delivery times (as long as jobs are scheduled a few days in advance, also by telephone) and delivery dates that are always respected.

Thanks to our constant investment in special equipment and repeated trials carried out in-house, we can offer drilled holes finished in nontraditional way


In addition, we can offer extremely smooth holes with ver y low roughness index (considering we make holes in solid materials), as long as they are requested on good quality materials, e.g. Stainless Steel, Ergal, Avional, Maragin Steel, and so on. For example, a hole with diameter 25 mm. (made on AISI 316) has roughness of 0.16, as shown by the char t below: